Nursery and school Cleaning

At nursery/school and university we do our best to keep the children and youth healthy, but there is always the risk of germs being spread around.

Is very important that nurseries, schools and universities centres are regularly and thoroughly cleaned. Traditional cleaning products contain bleaches, ammonia and other aggressive cleaning agents that can actually aggravate some health problems in children and youth. This is particularly the case for respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies. Young children are also susceptible to eczema, skin irritations, and rashes, which can all be caused or worsened by cleaning chemicals.

For this reason we use Eco-friendly cleaning products which are less toxic and less irritating for the skin and respiratory systems. This is because they contain natural cleaning agents.
That is why, our commitment is to keep your school clean and healthy and environmentally friendly at the same time.


We are an Eco Friendly office and commercial cleaning company that’s trained, staffed and equipped to take on any cleaning project, from small-sized executive offices and suites, right up to large multi-tenant office buildings.

Whether its daily office cleaning services, or regularly scheduled maintenance jobs, our expertise spans across: Financial institutions, Professional buildings, Retail stores, Medical offices, Educational institutions, and much more.

Why us

As a full-service eco friendly office cleaning company, you can depend on our expertise to help you maintain a healthy, clean and hazard-free environment across your premises.

With Eco Green Cleaning Edinburgh team, you get a professional eco friendly cleaning fully-insured, highly trained, extremely punctual individuals.


Eco Green Cleaning Edinburgh continues to operate as normal through the Covid-19 period. Our employees are working with PPE equipment following government advice to maintain our usual service and help you return to work safely. If you need help, we’re here for you.

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